Brisbane Property Group is a successful and respected integrated property focused company with an exceptional track record and an inspired vision for the future. Since 2007 our Group has evolved into one of Brisbane’s leading property groups with its flagship operations in Real Estate Rentals & Sales, Project Management & Property Services.


The Brisbane Property Group has built a brand synonymous with quality, integrity, and innovation. Determined to excel in exceptional customer service, the Group focuses on fostering relationships and engendering loyalty.

Professionalism and teamwork underpin our endeavours and as champions of sustainability, we are committed to adopting business practices which meet the needs of our staff, customers, and investors without compromising our future generations.

I have been involved in the real estate industry for close to 40 years and have been able to establish an extensive network of clients including Superfunds, large Development Groups both local and international, building companies and associated industries.

My involvement in the real estate sector has allowed me to be exposed to all facets of the development pipeline from concept to the eventual retail sale of the product. As a Real Estate Licensee in 3 states, NSW, QLD, and Victoria, I have been able to keep abreast of all rules and regulations pertaining to the current real estate market. I believe that I am in a position to understand the demands of the market and what is required to make a development project a success.



Our company`s goal is simple! “To Make Property Development Easier!”

Our future depends on client’s satisfaction and as such we aim to achieve customer fulfillment in each and every dealing we have. We aim to achieve this goal by gathering a full understanding of our clients’ needs, formulating a plan, and executing it on time, every time.

At Brisbane Property Group we believe that communication, communication, communication in property is as important as location, location, location!

  • We provide a full-service acquisition, development, and marketing system to minimize operational costs for clients.

  • Our experience ensures we understand which product and pricing strategies will ensure take up.

  • We employ the most experienced and high achieving consultants in the industry.

  • Our research capability ensures we take guesswork work out of property development and project marketing. We provide integrated consultation based on trusted knowledge.

  • We provide an all-encompassing service, from site introduction to settlement.


We recommend the services of our partners for their experience, their reliability and most importantly because they offer the same quality of service and commitment to customer satisfaction as Brisbane Property Group.

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Shaun CampellSolicitor
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Dean CarverSolicitor
Miceal Ambrose
Miceal AmbroseSolicitor
RD Finance Solutions
RD Finance SolutionsFinance


Here are a few of our current Development Projects in Queensland and Victoria. Please look through them to understand fully the service we provide.


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