Brisbane Property Group is responsible for the planning, organising, securing and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

From project inception, through to handing over the keys, Brisbane Project Management offers a fully integrated suite of project management services. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives within the project constraints including scope, time, and budget. Our teams take this further and aim to optimise the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives.

Managing a project includes:

  • Identifying requirements
  • Establishing clear and achievable objectives
  • Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost

Adapting the specifications, plans, and approach to the different concerns and expectations of the various stakeholders. At Brisbane Project Management, our approach sets us apart from our competitors. We ask the most important question first: how will our residential and commercial solutions improve the lives of people who live and work there?

We invest in a creative architecture that makes quality affordable. We commit ourselves to environmental sustainability, as we have done throughout our history.

We apply these principles to every development we undertake. These range from urban renewal projects, large master-planned residential communities, house blocks, townhouses, multiple occupancy dwellings, and innovative commercial developments for discerning businesses.

We create better futures, not only for the people who live and work in the environments we create but also for the wider community. Our values come from our people, both management and staff. People make a company what it is. They give a company its soul and its reason for being. We search for the best people in the business who are not only extremely competent but also share our commitment to creating better futures.

It’s the people who make a company what it is. People who give a company its soul, its reason for being. A company’s values come from people… both management and staff.

Since its beginning, Brisbane Property Group has built its foundations on strong beliefs, deeply held values that go to the heart of how we work as people. This is your introduction to a company of people who together will create better futures.


What we do… Brisbane Property Group is a successful and respected integrated property focused company with an exceptional track record and an inspired vision for the future.  With a focus on acquisitions, approvals, earthworks, construction, and marketing sales.

Brisbane Property Group Acquisitions


Authorised Real Estate License to operate in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Brisbane Property Group Approvals


We cut through Government red tape with our experience and knowledge and deliver results.

Brisbane Property Group Earthworks


Complete and efficient infrustracture and underground services for residential development.

Brisbane Property Group Construction


Specialising in residential multi-occupancies, townhouses, residential high rises and new and off the plan developments.

Brisbane Property Group Marketing Sales

Marketing Sales

Develop a strategic marketing campaign, tailor-made to engage a project’s most suitable target markets.


We recommend the services of our partners for their experience, their reliability and most importantly because they offer the same quality of service and commitment to customer satisfaction as Brisbane Property Group.

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